Liberty Discussion “How did Tukucha river end up in the name of a person?”

Liberty Discussion for the month of September was held on September 30, 2022 on article “टुकुचा सुरूङमाथिको जग्गा कसरी पुग्यो व्यक्तिका नाममा?” by Sudip Shrestha and Sobha Sharma. The participants discussed on the ongoing issue of the metropolitan where the Mayor was head bound on restoring the long lost river of the valley. The mayor was blaming the house owners for the encroachment of the river while the landowners argued the blueprint of their houses provided by the mapping institution did not disclose the river. The participants argued that while the mayor’s intentions were good, his methods were not and further argued that the destruction of private property without proper compensations was not the way to move forward. The discussion further led towards the legality of the land as the landowners had paid their taxes for the past half century.

The participants also initiated discussions on the way to move forward for the metropolitan, while agreeing on the need of a strong coordination among all the stakeholders to solve issues of such high complexity.