Liberty Discussion on “5 Years of Local Governance in Nepal”

On 27th May, 2022, Liberty Discussion Session for the month of May was conducted on the article titled “5 years of Local Governance ” authored by Biswas Baral and published in The Diplomat. As the discussion progressed at the venue, the participants were ecstatic regarding the current election results in Kathmandu, Rajbiraj, Helambu, Dharan, and Bharatapur. They were also hopeful that the elected representatives shall play their part in realizing their stated goals in their respective electoral manifestos and ensure sustainable development and growth of local polities.

Participants agreed that the significance of autonomous local governance is likely to be much visible in the coming cycle for local development, and must be considered as one of the glorious outcomes of federalism. Participants also agreed that the federal government also plays a significant role in ensuring the ability of the local government to address the development issues at grassroot level in the cooperative federal structure of Nepal whereby the three levels of governments are quite involved in all areas of development such as infrastructure, health, education, and water.