Discussion on Improving Electricity Transmission held

Discussion on Electricity Generation

Samridhhi’s Pramod Rijal held a short yet successful discussion at Martin Chautari on April 5, 2015 on ‘Policy Options for Improved Electricity Transmission in Nepal’ for an audience of 24 people. The audience was inclusive of senior bureaucrats, political analysts and students among others. Dwarika Nath Dhungel, Former Secretary of Water Resources and Shanta Bahadur Pun, Former MD, NEA were also present for the discussion.

Rijal talked about the shortcomings of the NEA and its continual inefficiency and monopoly over electricity generation and distribution. He also talked about how unbundling generation and handing it over to the private sector would be a much better mechanism as private players would ensure competition and more choices and ultimately, effectiveness. Rijal highlighted numerous incomplete hydro-power projects throughout Nepal and talked of how setting up a transmission company and creating acts and policies in order to help create a roadmap to investing in hydro-power in Nepal would definitely help remedy a number of problems brought forth by the NEA. He also talked about the need for a better incentive mechanism for locals affected by such projects.

Post-discussions were lively and included further recommendations by those present on whether changes in acts and policies alone would ensure changes at the grass-root level and what sort of incentives could be offered to locals in accordance to their needs.