What it means to be a liberalized country ?

Senior economist Dr.  Bhola Nath Chalise, recently crowned ‘Freedom Champion’ in the Asia Liberty Forum 2015, talked about economic liberalization of Nepal with Arthik Abhiyan Daily. Dr. Chalise’s views from the interview (published in Nepali) could be summarized as :

  • Monopoly of the central bank over the authority to print money has led to inflation.
  • Aid that was supposed to uplift the poor has kept them caught in the vicious cycle, whereas politicization and bureaucracy has become stronger.
  • Asian Value is often used as a concept to camouflage crony capitalism.
  • The concept of Public Private Partnership is like trying to mix oil in water.
  • Development and free society can be achieved in long run. However, the shortcut is communism – which kills people.

Read the full interview: http://www.abhiyan.com.np/article-interview_12magh2071_bholanathchalise