Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2014

Atlas meet attended by Robin Sitoula Source: Atlas Network

The Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2014 took place at New York City from 12-13 November, 2014. Robin Sitoula, Founder and Executive Director of Samriddhi The Prosperity Foundation, took part in the event that talked on strengthening international freedom and the effective steps one could take to ensure it.

Key speakers included Ali Salman (PRIME, Pakistan), Roberto Laserna (CERES, Bolivia) and Luis Loria (IDEAS, Costa Rica)
where Alex Chafuen (Atlas Network, United States) acted as the moderator. Robin Sitoula spoke in the session ‘The Berlin Walls of Today’ with the idea that even though the Berlin Wall had fallen, there were other modern tyrannies sabotaging the development of a free economy.

The Liberty Forum, powered by the Atlas Network, aims to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement beginning with identification to funding potential individuals, organizations and movements who would promote economic freedom across the globe. Currently it served more than 400 partners in over 80 countries. Samriddhi has also been recipient of the Templeton Freedom Award in 2011 awarded by the prestigious Atlas Network.

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