Voluntary Land Consolidation…..

land consolidation

Land fragmentation has been an increasingly pressurizing problem in the country. It hinders commercialization and modernization of agriculture since transporting machineries and other inputs to a number of fragmented land parcels is not cost effective which increases the cost of production per unit. In Nepal, land fragmentation is a worsening issue as the inherited parental land is equally divided among heirs.

Consolidation of land could be a solution to the the land fragmentation. The fragmented parcels of land held by different farmers can be treated like a single plot for commercial and large scale farming. Land consolidation can be achieved through a number of measures; mutual agreement, purchase and sales are commonly used measures. In Nepal, mutual agreements among farmers holding small parcels of land can be a better alternative for land consolidation as this mutual agreement would include land pooling of various fragmented holdings so as to form a single plot of land. Samriddhi’s Suraj Dhakal wirtes more on land consolidation at: http://econitynepal.com/voluntary-land-consolidation-for-enhancing-agricultural-productivity/