Political Economic Digest #11 On Globalization and Poverty

In this series, we’ll be discussing about globalization and poverty. As we discussed in our earlier series, globalization and free trade are among the most prominent issues of discussion in the policy discourse today.

In this series, we have Johan Norberg, the famous Swedish intellectual and historian explaining why above mentioned sentenced is only half true. I.e. Rich are getting richer but poor are not getting poorer. Johan  Norberg,  born  in  1973,  is  head  of  political  ideas  at  the  free-market  think  tank  Timbro  in Stockholm, Sweden. He is also the director of the free trade portal frihandel.nu which has become an influential voice in support of free trade and open markets. Norberg is the author of the award-winning book „In Defense of Global Capitalism“(Timbro 2001), now translated into the worlds major languages.

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