Political Economic Digest #12 On Education

In this series we are going to discuss about yet another very important topic: Education. Education is one of the most pertinent issues in  the public policy discourses around the world. We have a couple of readings that talk about alternative approaches to this issue.

First reading is an article entitled “Improving Nepalese Education through choice”, in which the author talks about  the  education  voucher  system  and  its  implementation  in  Nepal.  Education  Voucher  System developed  by  Nobel   Laureate  economist  Milton  Friedman  intends  to   bring  more  quality  and responsibility in public education system by bringing the virtuous qualities of markets i.e. competition and incentives to the public education without harming the access of the poor to education.

Second  reading  in  the  series  is  an  article  entitled  “The  Failures  of  State  Schooling  in  Developing Countries  and the People’s Response” by James Tooley and Pauline Dixon.Mr Tooley is a prominent figure in the study of educational systems and educational policies around the world. In this article, the authors have discussed about the various alternatives poors have adopted in response of failure of the State to provide quality education.

 We hope you enjoy the reading.

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