Political Economic Digest #18 On Economic Reforms in India

In this issue we will be discussing about how economic reforms in India made an impact in the economic growth of India.

The first reading  “A Brief History of 20 Years of Reform (1990-2010) “ contains the brief history of India mainly focusing on the economic reform made from 1990-2010 . This reading explains the process of liberalization  initiated by the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and Finance Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Second reading “How Reforms Benefited the Poorer Half” talks about how economic reform of 1990 not only helped rich get richer but also helped poor get richer.

The third reading “How India’s Liberalization Shaped a Generation of Entrepreneurs” talks about how the  process of liberalization helped India create more entrepreneurs who accumulated wealth from India and  other countries . It further talks about how India from a poor country before 1990 has emerged to become a possible super power in the future.

The fourth reading “The myth of India’s liberalization” talks about the myth that prevailed in India about liberalization. This reading explains to the critics of liberalization on how it contributed positively to the economy of India.

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