Political Economic Digest #19 On Economic Reforms in China

In this issue we will be discussing about economic reforms in China after Mao Zedong.

The first reading “Why China is Growing So Fast?”  Is an extract taken from a paper originally contained in IMF Working Paper 96/75, “Why Is China Growing So Fast?” by Zuliu Hu and Mohsin S. Khan of the IMF’s Research  Department. This reading gives an overview of the Chinese economy  from past to present.

The Second reading “Reformer with an iron fist” is a report by CNN published in 1999. This article is about Deng Xioping the person behind the economic reform in China.

The third reading “The Chinese Economic Reform” is written by Juan Antonio Fernández. In this article the author discusses about the special features of the changes initiated during 1978 which brought about economic reform in China.


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