Discussion Paper on Promoting Investment in Agriculture Sector in Nepal

NES 2014 Agriculture Paper

The Nepal Economic Summit 2014 was created to act as a platform of opportunities for the government, political leaders, private sector businesses, social partners, corporate professionals, potential entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to interact with world business leaders and visionaries. The summit was thus jointly organized by Samridhhi, The Prosperity Foundation, FNCCI and the Government of Nepal. This agriculture paper was thus helped molded by Ministry of Agriculture, FNCCI Agriculture Committee, representatives of private sector involved in agriculture sector, representatives of NARC, representatives of Ministry of Local Development, representatives of National Planning Commission, and representatives of the International Aid community with programs in agriculture development and commercialization.

The objective of this paper is twofold: Firstly, it aims to provide an overview of existing scenario, opportunities for private sector investment and the policy, institutional and legal framework that governs the various sub-sectors of agriculture; and secondly it aims to initiate a discussion on increasing private sector investment in agriculture through an enabling environment. Encouraging investments which are likely to produce broad based benefits to the farmers and aid commercialization have been at the center of analysis. This paper also uses the chain approach in its presentation and is categorized into three sections viz. backward linkages (including inputs & agriculture production), forward linkages (including value addition & trade) and the way forward to increase investment in each of these sectors. The summit also came up with a declaration for economic growth which can be viewed here:

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