Discussion Paper on Promoting Investment in Sustainable Energy Solutions for Nepal

Nepal Economic Summit - Energy Paper

The Nepal Economic Summit 2014 was created to act as a platform of opportunities for the government, political leaders, private sector businesses, social partners, corporate professionals, potential entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to interact with world business leaders and visionaries. The summit was thus jointly organized by Samridhhi, The Prosperity Foundation, FNCCI and the Government of Nepal. This energy paper was helped shaped by the Ministry of Energy, the FNCCI Energy Committee, representatives of private sector involved in alternative energy, representatives of Alternative Energy Promotion Center and representatives of International Aid community with programs in alternative energy promotion among others.

The energy debate is at the heart of a global discussion on sustainable futures. Nepal, which naturally has an abundance of energy generation potential from clean energy sources, holds the possibility of leading this drive for sustainable energy solutions by being an example. This paper has been prepared in the backdrop of this global context. Although the larger discussion on overall energy supply, demand and security is relevant, this paper focuses mainly on electricity generation given the prevailing electricity shortage scenario and the need for adequate availability of affordable electricity to drive Nepal’s economic growth. Within the theme of the Nepal Economic Summit 2014, where this paper was presented, the paper highlights the prospects of increasing investments in electricity generation and switching to sustainable sources of energy in Nepal. The summit also came up with a declaration – A Commitment to Economic Reform which can be viewed here:

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