Economic Freedom Country Audit Report Nepal 2015

In April 2015, Samriddhi came together with the prestigious Fraser Institute and Atlas Network to undertake the Country Audit process, which would help us identify what kept Nepal from being economically free and utilizing economic freedom as a road to prosperity.

Samriddhi organized a series of meetings in a three-day long event engaging bureaucrats, senior journalists, politicians and political analysts on a number of topics from the components and sub-components of the Economic Freedom of the World Index.

The topics were: Size of Government (Expenditures, Taxes, and Enterprises), Legal Structure and Security of Property Rights, Freedom to Trade Internationally and Regulation of Credit, Labour, and Business. Sound Money was the only component from the index, which was not discussed separately as part of the country audit process.

The consultations resulted in this massive undertaking of an exclusive economic country audit report that examines the given components, identifies problem areas and proposes policy ideas for tackling the same.

Download “Samriddhi: Economic Freedom Country Audit Report Nepal 2015”

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