Ideas for Rebuilding Nepal

The April 25, 2015 earthquake has posed the Government of Nepal with one of the biggest disaster related challenges in recent history. The efforts are in for evaluating damages, responding to immediate rescue and relief requirements and in framing a comprehensive reconstruction plan that aims to help the affected people and the economy.

To support the coordinating efforts, to prepare a plan with lessons and integrating sound ideas from experts who have managed post disaster situations, Nepal Leader’s Circle (NLC) hosted a two day conference- “Ideas for Rebuilding Nepal”. Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation and Niti Foundation supported the conference as knowledge partners to help process the information and put together a report. The report combines the ideas expressed by various participants during the two-day conference and focus on generating ideas that would bring about an inclusive institutional structure to deal with disaster preparedness and management and on reviving the hardest hit sectors of the economy along with ideas on financing the reconstruction efforts and policies that would increase private sector investment in the process and create opportunities for growth.

Please download the publication here:

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