Ride-sharing Business Policy Brief

An ideal law is not vague, restrictive of fundamental rights and contains within itself an anticipation of the future regulations that will be required with changing times. Of particular importance within the context of an ideal law is the Laws relating to Vehicles and transportation. It must be stated at this juncture that the Motor Vehicles and Transport act of 2049 is probably the most detailed and well-written piece of legislature second only to the prevailing constitution. However so, it fails in one aspect of the utmost importance. It is like most other laws stuck with the workings of the recent past. After almost twenty-six years since the Act came into force, its provisions to this date have been rather successful in restricting business practices that are of the utmost need today. The only alternative is, therefore, to amend the existing provision through the specified procedure and before we move forward with the amendment, the fallacies and the implications of the provision must first be pointed out.

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