• Liberalism Workshop – Readers

    A set of selected readers on various principles of liberalism. The publication contains readers on following topics: Skepticism of power […]

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  • Regional Governance on Transport Infrastructure

    This paper titled “Regional governance for Transport Infrastructure” delves into the importance of decentralization or delegation of the entire authority […]

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  • स्वतन्त्र समाजकाे आधारशिला

    स्वतन्त्र समाजलाई कार्यशील बनाउने र ती समाजलाई यति सफल बन्न सहयोग पुर्याउने सिद्धान्त तथा संस्थाहरुबारे यो एउटा सरल तथा सुस्पष्ट […]

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  • पुँजीवाद: एक परिचय

    पुँजीवाद के हो, यसले कसरी काम गर्छ, यसका सबल तथा दुर्बल पक्ष के हुन् भनेर सरल र सही ढंगले व्याख्या […]

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  • Ride-sharing Business Policy Brief

    An ideal law is not vague, restrictive of fundamental rights and contains within itself an anticipation of the future regulations […]

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  • Public Procurement Act, 2063 Policy Brief

    With the goal of making procurement activities of Public Entities in Nepal competitive, transparent and accountable to the public, the […]

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  • Public Debt Management Bill Policy Brief

    The new Public Debt Management bill has been registered in the Lower House of the parliament. In the preamble, the […]

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