• Last Thursdays with Narottam Aryal

    We invite you to the 71st Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur. Our chief guest is Mr. Narottam Aryal, Executive Director of King’s College. Since […]

  • Last Thursdays with Bibhusan Bista

    We invite you to the 70th Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur. Our chief guest is Mr. Bibhusan Bista, CEO and co-founder of […]

  • Last Thursdays with Neil Pande

    The Last Thursdays with Entrepreneur is dedicated to the spirit of entrepreneurship and provides platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to gather […]

  • Last Thursdays with Rameshwar Thapa

    The guest speaker for upcoming Last Thursdays is Rameshwar Thapa, Chairman, Annapurna Post. The Last Thursdays event is jointly organized […]

  • Last Thursdays with Raj Gyawali

    The guest speaker for 66th Last Thursdays is Raj Gyawali, Tourism Entrepreneur and Founder of Social Tours. The Last Thursdays […]

  • Last Thursdays with Shanti Chadha

    The 64th Last Thursday with an Entrepreneur held on 26th March, 2015 gathered aspiring entrepreneurs to know about entrepreneurship from […]