Breaking Barriers to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is definitely an antidote for solving the many problems facing the general Nepalese. It can indeed help Nepal to take substantial stride from its current state of crippling poverty to economic prosperity.

While post 2015 Nepal experienced a notable increase in entrepreneurial activities, the country’s regulatory regime continues to create obstacles in ensuring a sound environment for these new and innovative enterprises. Even today, the entrepreneurs in Nepal face numerous challenges while starting, operating, and exiting a business. Continuation of the same practice indicates the suffering of Nepalese economy for a prolonged period of time.

It is thus imperative for everyone – members of small to large enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators in Nepal – to come together and build a better and sustainable policy regime that would welcome all kind of enterprises and allow them to flourish.

In an attempt to facilitate the same, this Global Entrepreneurship Week, Samriddhi Foundation is creating a platform where all of us can join hands and work towards improving the entrepreneurial environment in Nepal. 


How to participate:

  1. Send a 2-3 minute video, audio or 300 word article of any type of challenge or problem you or your friends and family faced while doing business (starting, or operating or exiting) in Nepal at, no later than 12th of November, 2020. Please do provide us with your name and the business venture that your story is based on. 
  2. Samriddhi Foundation will promote your stories through different suitable social media platforms including (but not limited to) official website of Samriddhi Foundation and Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  3. Samriddhi will select the most pressing and prominent problems/issues faced by the enterprises and start public discourses on the same. Through a public private dialogue, which will consist of concerned stakeholders from government, private sector, and civil society, Samriddhi will advocate for reform measures that can help resolve the problem.

Note: All the participants will get two recent publications of Samriddhi Foundation – translation of Foundations of a Free Society, and An Introduction to Capitalism.For more information contact Ayushma Maharjan at or 9808912122