Arthalaya Batch 11

arthalaya 11

The 11th Arthalaya took place from 27 January to 1 February, 2011 at Dhulikhel, Kavre. There were 24 participants and had a total representation of 18 colleges.

Arthalaya aimed to be a fun yet structured school with topics of discussion such as concepts of economic freedom and how it translates in terms of concrete policy actions, business environment assessment and what kind of environment would be good for a business to run and implications of policy actions such as licensing and taxation.

Guest lectures were entertaining and informative at the same time with renowned entrepreneurs such as Deependra Tandon of Business Advantage Group, who shared his humble beginnings in ‘Story of an Entrepreneur’. Dr Bhola Nath Chalise gave an impassioned speech on the morality of markets and Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya’s session on Rule of Law was particularly enjoyed by the participants as it talked about something they had not really given much thought to previously.

Arthalayans were kept busy with debates and interactive games on enterprise building, free markets and economic freedom. The Arthalaya enterprise model was particularly enjoyed by the students as it aimed to facilitate their existing business skills into profitable ventures.

“I’m an IT student before I joined Arthalaya, I had no idea about how business was done or what wore its pros and cons. The basic thing about entrepreneurship is not just theoretical knowledge, its practicability and adaptation with the available resources and that’s what is taught in Arthalaya. One of the most important things that I learned from there was I learned the time value of action and how and when it should be initiated. Right Time and action is everything in business. Everything has a right time if it’s ignored or lacked it loses its opportunity value where the key point of understanding the problem and initiating are the playing factors.  It is said that everything is possible when you believe in one-self and your skills and it comes true. May be or not that’s a crucial question that can have both pros and cons but when you seriously think about it, then its true that your capabilities are your strength. When you are confident you can perform the necessary actions for achieving your goals.
Gaurav Rijal