Arthalaya Batch 18

Arthalaya 18

The 18th session of Arthalaya took place from 27th March – 1st April, 2014 at Dhulikhel, Kavre. Altogether 24 participants from 17 different colleges attended the program.

A number of renowned guest speakers were present at the event including, the participants’ favorite, Mr. Anil Chitrakar, who spoke on the entrepreneurial spirit of a person and how fostering that should be an important aspect of today’s education; a talk much admired by the participants and Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari whose lecture centered on the morality of markets and emphasized how profit earning is the highest morality of markets.

Watch some participants of the eighteenth batch of Arthlaya make a case for more aid and less trade for a debate session through a fun song (based on a popular folk Nepali song).


The facilitators managed to keep the students’ interested with activities and talks on ideas of motivation, economic freedom and voluntary exchange and morality of markets. The enterprise module was possibly one of the most enjoyed as it involved active participation from the students’ themselves if they aimed to win the title of ‘Samriddh Company’ of the batch.

The participants managed to not only delve into ideas of economics and politics throughout the 5 days but also make new friends and connections. Leaving comments reflected the extent to which Arthalaya had been able to impact their economic ideals.