• Samyukta Rupakheti

    Samyukta Rupakheti is the Director of Administration, Finance & Human Resource at Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation. She devises and implements […]

  • Samriddhi Bag full of Ideas

    Samriddhi bag full of ideas

    Purchase this stylish bag for safekeeping your ideas and everything else! Get it also to show support of The Freedom […]

  • The Samriddhi T-shirt

    Samriddhi tshirt

    Become a part of the Samriddhi community by purchasing this minimalist yet stylish t-shirt! A small gesture of supporting the […]

  • Bookmarks

    Samriddhi Bookmarks

    We have a limited number of beautiful bookmarks showcasing smaller banners of Arthalaya and the Gari Khana Deu campaign. Get […]

  • Gari Khana Deu Badges

    Gari Khana Deu badges

    These tiny badges carry a much larger impact. Show your solidarity with the movement of a livable Nepal, where your […]

  • The Arthalaya T-shirt

    Arthalaya tshirts

    Arthalaya, School of Economics and Entrepreneurship, is a 5-day long residential program that teaches interested individuals from diverse educational and […]

  • The Gari Khana Deu T-shirt

    Gari Khana Deu tshirt

    The Gari Khana Deu t-shirt is to signify support for our movement for a livable Nepal; one where guaranteed economic […]

  • The Samriddhi Ghaila

    Samriddhi Ghaila

    The Ghaila has been synonymous with Samriddhi since our inception. The Ghaila signifies savings and thus, prosperity. We award the […]

  • Our affiliations

    Samriddhi The Prosperity Foundation is linked with a number of international organizations as part of the global campaign for advancing […]

  • Our Partner Enterprises

    Our partner enterprises constitute our knowledge partners, with whom we also engage in timely collaborations. Samriddhi The Prosperity Foundation along […]

  • Our Ventures

    Samriddhi The Prosperity Foundation has been able to produce a number of successful ventures over the years. These ventures have […]