Liberty Discussion on “कामचलाउ मात्र छैनन् सबै स्थानीय तह”

Liberty discussion pertaining to the month of April was conducted on the 29th of April 2022 on “कामचलाउ मात्र छैनन् सबै स्थानीय तह“, an article by Bindu Kant Ghimire published in While some local levels have shown significant improvements after investing in the education and tourism sector, many local levels are facing backlash investing in things like view towers. During the session, the participants deliberated the reasons behind the drastically different outcomes of these investment decisions. Among the various issues that need to be taken into consideration, the long-term environmental impact of these seemingly prosperous investments also needs to be brought to attention. Participants also deliberated on the separation of powers among the federal, provincial, and local level governments. The changes that have been brought on by the adoption of federalism in Nepal compared to the previous unitary structure, and whether the changes are entirely positive or not were discussed. The distinction among the activities carried out by different levels of government was also discussed, focusing on budget and grants provided to the local level and their utilization.