A new evolved logo celebrates ten years of Samriddhi

On our tenth anniversary (Baisakh 11 on the Nepali calendar, Democracy day), we are launching a new evolved logo that celebrates a decade of our existence and represents the future direction of Samriddhi.

By Sarita Sapkota, Communications & Development Coordinator 


The evolution in the logo is a part of the internal ‘evolving exercise’ we have been going through since mid- 2015. Last year, we reached out to over 200 people, that included our target audience, partners, well-wishers, opinion makers, academics, and journalists to help us in ‘Envisioning Version 3 of Samriddhi’. As the process began, we were looking at the past nine years of Samriddhi in two distinct phases: first three years as the time of founding and finding ourselves, entering Nepal’s policy discourse by simply ‘promoting entrepreneurship’; and the later years as the time of establishing ourselves within the policy discourse in Nepal as a think tank or say a knowledge hub on broader economic issues.

Envisioning a third phase or a third version of Samriddhi did not mean that we claimed success in those two main themes and now were looking for a third theme. It just meant looking forward to the future and finding out where and how we could be relevant and impactful in the years to come. Passion drove us to start Samriddhi and it is still there. But the past ten years have taught us so much in terms of channeling that passion in a way that builds tangible results in attaining our goals. So the evolution has taken place not only in our logo but also in how we approach our work taking into account the changed contexts of the past ten years and possible changes in the future. The experience from the last decade and the support we have been receiving have given us more confidence in taking a bolder approach to expand opportunities of prosperity by ‘facilitating a discourse on pragmatic market reforms for Nepal’.


Overall, there is more clarity in our evolved logo, which is a reflection of the clarity we feel in terms of our work areas and work approach for the upcoming years.

evolved logo

There is a great degree of passionate attachment to our old logo, especially our emblem, which is a unique design we created from the traditional Hindu and Buddhist figure of Asthamangal – a symbol of prosperity. The emblem, which is quite well recognized by now, continues in our new logo. However, we have enhanced it in subtle ways. The four straight lines in the previous logo running parallel in the emblem are still there as our four core principles remain the same:  rule of law, individual freedom & responsibility, limited government, and market economy. However, the lines are now slightly curved to resemble the actual physical emblem, which we make on a potter’s wheel.

While the curves have added elegance to the emblem, shortening the name from ‘Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation’ to just ‘Samriddhi Foundation’ has brought in more simplicity. The theme of simplicity is carried on with a new modern typeface and the placement of the name which is now completely outside the emblem.

samriddhi logo

The color of the emblem is also slightly modified to resemble the earthy natural brownish orange of our physical emblem, which could be compared to most terracota.

I hope you like our new look and in case you do not like it right away, I hope you give it some time.

Here is a video of our Co-founder and Executive Director on how the new logo pays tribute to our past ten years and  represents the future direction of Samriddhi.