• Banda and its Impacts

    Banda and its impacts

    Nepal has had an ominous history of forced strikes and blockades. It has become ‘fashionable’ almost to call forced closures since the […]

  • Voluntary Land Consolidation…..

    land consolidation

    Land fragmentation has been an increasingly pressurizing problem in the country. It hinders commercialization and modernization of agriculture since transporting […]

  • Transportation Woes and Competition

    Substandard transportation service is what commuters in Kathmandu valley have to face in a daily basis. Samriddhi’s Anurag Pant, took […]

  • Analysis of Fiscal Budget 2071/72

    Analysis of fiscal budget 2071/72

    The fourth session of econ-ity for 2014 was organized at Hotel Everest, New Baneshwor on 17th July and featured Dr. […]

  • Econ-ity with Roberto Enchandi

    Econ-ity with Roberto Enchandi

    On May 23, 2014, Samriddhi organized an econ-ity session to discuss the ‘Framework for Foreign Investment Policy in Nepal’ at […]

  • Talks on Feasible Energy Sources

    Talks on feasible energy sources

    Samiddhi, The Prosperity Foundation organized an econ-ity session on the topic ‘Energy Mix to Power Nepal’ jointly with FNCCI on the […]