Gas-trick Induced by The State

Gas problems in Nepal

Nepal currently fills, or at least half-fills, its fuel hungry mouth from 4 refineries of India; namely, Barauni, Karnal, Mathura and Haldiya. Around 70% is transported from the Barauni refinery and the others make up the difference. An almost 45 days long repair and maintenance work at the Barauni refinery has left the country in a massive fuel lurch, with dealers reportedly hoarding in the limited supply of available gas cylinders and politicians taking it upon themselves to vandalize depots and give out cylinders for free.

The Nepal LP Gas Association in January 2015 publicly called for a press and politico conference, formally asking the NOC to increase the supply of gas from the present 22,000 metric tons a month to 30,000 metric tons, in order to ensure a smooth demand fulfillment. The NOC is seemingly on board with the idea and promises to do so beginning February. A revision of the demand and corresponding import rates is of course of prime importance and begs freer trade laws in order for larger quantities of fuel to come into country. Does this imply that people still have to withstand heat and rain in terribly long lines until then?

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