Samriddhi’s NEGA 2014 recommendation in implementation

Transmission lines

The government recently announced the formation of a new transmission company, which is a positive steps towards resolving Nepal’s electricity crisis. Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation’s recent study titled “Policy Options for Improved Electricity Transmission System in Nepal” had made recommendations for the same in July 2014. In line with the recommendation made by Samriddhi earlier, the recently held cabinet meeting (meeting of the Council of Ministers) took the decision to form National Transmission Grid Company (NTGC) “paving the way for formation of a separate entity to work for development and operation of electricity transmission lines”.

As absence of infrastructure to evacuate power generated through hydro plants is one of the key constraints in hastening the pace of hydro power development in Nepal, this policy analysis paper made a number of recommendations to improve electricity transmission in Nepal. One of the recommendations was establishing a new transmission company. This policy recommendation was also preceded by Samriddhi’s engagement with the Ministry of Energy at the end of 2013 in the capacity of knowledge partner for the Nepal Economic Summit, 2014.


Together with two other policy analysis papers, this particular publication was prepared under the banner of Nepal Economic Growth Agenda (NEGA) 2014, which is preceded by NEGA 2013 and NEGA 2012. NEGA is an annual effort of Samriddhi Foundation to identify key constraints to Nepal’s economic growth and policy options for reform.