Arthalaya Batch 1

arthalaya 1

The first ever Arthalaya took place from 13 – 19 January, 2009 at Dhulikhel Village Resort, Dhulikhel, Kavre. There were 24 participants and had a total representation of 18 colleges. It marked an exciting time both for the organization and the students; a new approach to teaching market economics had finally come around.

Arthalaya aims to be a very interactive yet disciplined structure. Discussions revolved around key issues inclusive of: the Role of State, Civil Society and Market in delivering basic services, the impact of policies such as taxation, licensing and subsidies on the business environment and entrepreneurs, the requirements to become an entrepreneur and the need for economic freedom and promoting ideas of economic freedom. These carefully chosen ideas kept participants intrigued throughout the residential workshop.

Altogether there were 5 guest speakers for 4 different sessions during the program: Kumud Singh & Sandeep Jalan, of Alpine Groups Private Limited who in the session ‘Story of an Entrepreneur’, managed to connect well with the young participants and share their struggles when kick-starting their project. These entrepreneurs proved to be unique because of their ability to take risk while most prefer to take service jobs after MBAs.

Anil Chitrakar, a renowned Social Entrepreneur of Nepal, managed to keep students engaged in discussions of virtue of markets and was in-fact rated one of the most enjoyable speakers by the batch in later evaluations. Other speakers included Resta Jha, the Head of Financial Markets Division, Standard Chartered Bank, Kathmandu Nepal, Kamal Bahadur Thapa, a practicing lawyer and a faculty member at Kathmandu School of Law and Deependra Chaulagain, currently the Vice President of Association of Youth Organizations of Nepal (AYON).

Arthalaya included not only lectures but mini-projects for stimulating ideas such as business simulation among others. Participants were excited to be ‘owning’ companies and making money in these simulations. In the process, Samriddh Company of the batch was named Tridevi Casino of partners Himadri Palike, Dwarika Thebe and Poonam Shrestha, who outperformed all by making the highest profit.

“Arthalaya promotes transition of attitudes of people/youth from being job seekers to being job creators. For me this is a very important change.”
Himadri Palikhe

“Being a student of college/university you could only grasp the theory of business, but the only practical school is “Arthalaya: making sense of it all”, where you can implement your theoretical skill and test yourself in entrepreneurship. Join Samriddhi, be Arthalayan with your self interest, you would be serving society and economy towards prosperity unknowingly.”
Upendra Parajuli

“As I am the student of management, Arthalaya has been one of the real platform for me to develop my mind, views and ideas to be a young entrepreneur. Arthalaya helped me to be more pragmatic.”
Punam Shrestha