Arthalaya Batch 2

arthalaya 2

The second Arthalaya took place from 23rd to 28th February, 2009 at Dhulikhel Village Resort, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The second Arthalaya received 213 applications, a clear indication of the growing popularity of Arthalaya, out of which 24 participants were selected from 21 different colleges.

This time, key issues were inclusive but not limited to business environment of Nepal and the role of government in helping establish a favorable environment for businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal, taxation and subsidies and how these affect business and investment decisions and contemporary issues like frequent general strikes, labor strikes, extortion of money and kidnapping and how these are negatively influencing the business environment in Nepal. Issues were selected based on what ideas may sound interesting to the younger mind.

Altogether there were 5 guest speakers for 5 different sessions during the program, who were interactive and very responsive to the participants’ queries about market economics. These included Niranjan Shrestha, CEO of Sujal Foods Private Limited, who in the session ‘Story of an entrepreneur’ shared his ideas and efforts that had led to the success of his company and also mistakes made on his part. Similarly, Anil Chitrakar talked on ‘Possibilities of a Prosperous Nepal’, a session much enjoyed by students due to Chitrakar’s engaging abilities. Other speakers included Ashutosh Tiwari, Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya and Anand Tuladhar.

Arthalaya managed to keep students excited with its ‘Samriddh Company’ business simulation; a challenge won by partners Prakash Adhikari, Nar Kumar Chhantyal, Chandra Raj Joshi and Min Kumar Moktan for an entertainment and service company named Franchise of Tokyo Sabisu, which also aimed to stimulate the booming business of laundry!

“If every student of Nepal will get this chance like Arthalaya, we will see the new face of Nepal within a year.”
Anand Kumar Jhar

“Complete package of new entrepreneur build up with leadership building training.”
Santosh Khatri

“Great learning experience that changed me from job seeker to job creator”.
Krishna Pokhrel