Arthalaya Batch 7

arthalaya 7

The seventh batch of Arthalaya took place from 22 – 27  February, 2010, at Dhulikhel Village Resort, Dhulikhel, Kavre with 24 participants from 17 colleges across the valley. The application process was made more rigorous this time with an application round followed by group discussion amongst the shortlisted candidates. The overwhelming number of applicants only helped boost Samriddhi’s desire to take in the best.

Some of the notable discussion topics during the second Arthalaya of 2010 were: the business environment of Nepal and the role of government in helping establish a favorable environment for businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal, taxation and subsidies and how these affect business and investment decisions and contemporary issues like frequent general strikes, labor strikes, extortion of money and kidnapping and how these negatively influence the economy. These agendas helped keep the participants on their toes throughout the event.

Mr. Shekhar Chettri of V-Chitra Advertising Pvt. Ltd shared his success and failures in the ‘Story of an Entrepreneur’ session, where he talked about how previous experiences in related fields of work would prove to be helpful if one wanted to open a company of his/her own in the near future. An interesting session was carried out by Sanjib Subba, a training program developer, in which he gave the students helpful ideas on how enterprise building could be carried out.
Other speakers included Anil Chitrakar, Dr. Bhola Chalise and Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya. These key resource persons carried out wonderfully interactive sessions that the participants were enthralled to be a part of.

The ‘Samriddh Company’ title was won by Juniors Rings P.V.T Company of partners, Nikesh Khanal, Shraddha Bhattarai, Saunak Bhatta and Rabin Lama. The company focused on entertainment and services and managed to secure the highest profit from its supposed services to outdo all others!