Arthalaya Batch 6

Arthalaya 6

The sixth batch of Arthalaya was organized from 15th January to 20th January, 2010 at Dhulikhel, Nepal. Altogether 24 participants from 16 different colleges attended the program, marking the increasingly excruciating task of having to sift through countless applications for the program.

Discussions during the initial phases revolved around the objective of the program and participants’ expectation from Arthalaya which was quite enthralling as most of them revealed their desire to learn more about entrepreneurship or gain new knowledge. Having done this, the discussions moved on to starting up a business for the participants within Arthalaya and beyond. During this time, the facilitators helped the participants brainstorm ideas for group businesses.

Anil Chitrakar, as a key resource person, specifically talked about “critical mass” and its importance. He was able to inspire participants towards being part of that mass who would then be able to influence policies and stimulate growth in the country. Dr. Bhola Nath Chalise, a renowned economist, spoke on the virtue of markets and his discussion generated a lot of questions and debate regarding what the private sector can do and what parts should be left to the government.
Other speakers included Sudip Gautam, a renowned advocate and Ashutosh Tiwari, the ‘turn around’ CEO of Himal Media Private Limited and country director of Water Aid.

‘From a businessman’s perspective, Arthayala is a well designed program, which is helping participants understand the real business situations and policies affecting the business.’
Mr. Kumud Singh, Resource Person, Story of an Entrepreneur

The program also included the Arthalaya Enterprise module, a simulation tool whereby all participants need to start up a business individually or in a group of four on the first day of Arthalaya. Businesses were quite unique with both service and product sales being promoted and conducted in various creative ways. Also, simulation on taxes, controlled market, bandhs and other various issues were put up as hurdles to make participants understand the basics of running a business in the current scenario of Nepal, which generated enthusiastic participation from the students and was later used by ‘Jhilke & the Nakkalis’ company to win the ‘Samriddh Company’ title, which organized a pageant for Arthalaya!

‘I considered myself a successful and lucky entrepreneur because I came with an empty mind and hand and am going with lots of skills and knowledge from the class of 2010 Arthalaya.’
Saput Shrestha