Developing Communication Skills at GEW 2014

The fourth day of GEW 2014 involved the event- “Communicating Effectively as A Manager” under Practical Management Tutorial Session to MBA student of White House GSM College held by Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation and partner- LEAD.

The event started with the discussion led by Mr. Anil Parajuli and Shikhar Shrestha on capitalism. Mr. Narayan Pradhan led on the session with training the MBA students on effective communication. The thoughts and ideas on entrepreneurship was shared.

Career success begins with communication skills. Communication skill is required for performance, advancement and success in entrepreneurship. Twenty-three students were taught on the need of writing skill and effective listening. These basics are required to excel at presenting oneself and understanding the perspective of each individual. The entrepreneurship starts with the perspective led by innovation and action. The barriers of effective listening and misconceptions about listening were discussed which have an impact on startup phase of business. The body language and tone are the most effective communication tool which was presented by a demonstration. The students participated enthusiastically in the program.