Arthalaya Batch 5

Arthalaya Batch 5

The fifth Arthalaya took place at Dhulikhel Village Resort, Dhulikhel, Kavre from 4 – 9 September, 2009 which received 243 applications out of which 24 participants were selected from 18 different colleges. Once again the diversity in background was maintained during participant selection and participants ranged from undergraduate and graduate students in Engineering to Management and Economics. There was enthusiastic participation from both private and public schools in the intriguing residential program.

The topics that were dealt with this time, keeping in mind the interests of the younger lot, included: concepts of economic freedom and how it translates in terms of concrete policy actions, business environment assessment and what kind of environment would be good for a business to run and implications of policy actions such as licensing and taxation.

A number of renowned guest speakers were present at the event including, the participants’ favorite, Mr. Anil Chitrakar, who spoke on the entrepreneurial spirit of a person and how fostering that should be an important aspect of today’s education; a talk much admired by the participants and Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari whose lecture centered on the morality of markets and emphasized how profit earning is the highest morality of markets. Sujeev Shakya, CEO of Beed Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, earned everyone’s admiration and respect after her shared his personal successes and hardships in ‘Story of an Entrepreneur’.

Other speakers at the event included Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, a renowned constitutional lawyer, Anand Tuladhar, CEO of Bluebird Departmental Store and D.C Jha, an ex government bureaucrat who shared inspirational experiences on the importance of free market.

The aptly named ‘Be the Boss Marketing and Sales Co’ by partners Phurba Sange Moktan, Nilima Raut, Sushil Subedi, Abhishek Bhakta Shrestha won the title of ‘Samriddh Company’. It aimed to specialize in marketing of other companies and sale of goods and services; an idea that was deemed to be more unique and profitable that the others.

“As there is a saying “Learning by doing” is more effective and efficient in the education system, Arthalaya was a good platform for us. The opportunity provided by Arthalaya will help me in my career. I think Arthalaya is very useful for coming generations too.”
Parbat Humagain

“Practical approach of learning, which is not found in any university degree.” 
Kishor P. Luitel

“Being a graduate of Arthalaya, helped me to know the real entrepreneur and economist that contribute to develop the nation. It served as a bridge to link/join the students like us to the professional people to whom we can share our knowledge and ideas and broaden our ideas.”
Suraj Bhattarai