Arthalaya Batch 3 – Pokhara

arthalaya 3

The 3rd Arthalaya, held from 22 – 27  May, 2009, in Pokhara was conducted in partnership with Alternatives, a local NGO which works in the field of Entrepreneurship development. It received an overwhelming application response of 211 applications out of which 24 participants were selected from 17 different colleges. Once again the diversity in background was maintained during participant selection and participants ranged from undergraduate and graduate students in Engineering to Management and Economics.

Some of the notable discussion topics included: business environment of Nepal and the role of government in helping establish a favorable environment for businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal, taxation and subsidies and how these affect business and investment decisions and contemporary issues like frequent general strikes, labor strikes, extortion of money and kidnapping and how these are negatively influencing the business environment in Nepal.

Anuj Bastola, franchise owner of World Link Communications Private Ltd in Pokhara, proved to be an inspirational figure when he shared his story in ‘Story of an Entrepreneur’ where he explained how he began as a street vendor and moved on to become a major market creator. His story was about being able to introduce innovation in the local market and his perseverance and dedication was very inspiring for the participants. Sundar K. Sherstha, of Hotel De Kantipur in Pokhara, shared anecdotes from his own life and that of his friends which made the session very interesting. Achyut Acharya, member of National Human Rights Commission based in Pokhara, spoke on basic principles of rule of law, which proved to be a very informational session.

The ‘Samriddh Company’ of the 3rd batch was named to be B2R Company of partners Bikash Shrestha, Bal Krishna Aryal and Ramesh B. Kuwar who banked on the entertainment business to win the most profit and claim the title.

“I will forward the message I learned from Arthalaya to young people. I will try to generate positive thinking about business and entrepreneurship among my friends.”
Utsab Pokharel

“I feel that this training has enhanced my knowledge and leadership skill. I will share my knowledge with my friends and try to build positive entrepreneur attitude in them also. As a coordinator of student welfare committee of Kanya Campus, I will be able to communicate the knowledge to my committee members as well as other students”.
Daisy Sharma

“I will convey the things that I learned at Arthalaya to my friends. I will communicate the knowledge about entrepreneurship and self dependence to my friends.”
Tulsi Sapkota