Arthalaya Batch 4

arthalaya 4

The fourth Arthalaya held at Norling Resort, Gokarna, Kathmandu from 8 – 13 July, 2009, received 267 applications out of which 24 participants were selected from 14 different colleges. The participants were selected based on their interest and motivation to learn and implement the principles of market economics.

Notable discussion topics included: open border with India and its implications in terms of competition and opportunities for Nepali businesses, if multinationals were good for the economy and what role they played so that small scale enterprises were not destroyed and the role of young people and entrepreneurs in developing the economy. The students showed enthusiasm when it came to discussions on these core areas.

One of the best entrepreneurial speakers of Nepal, Anil Chitrakar, chief of Ashoka Foundation Nepal, talked about the possibilities for a prosperous Nepal and was able to point out possibilities in various sectors from hydro power to simple agro-based industries. Ashutosh Tiwari, CEO of Himal Media Private Limited, also talked about the virtues of the Invisible Hand and voluntary exchange and how this has helped civilization move forward. His discussion generated a lot of questions and debate regarding what the private sector can do and what parts should be left to the government.
Other speakers included Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, a renowned constitutional lawyer, and Anand Tuladhar, CEO of Bluebird Departmental Store, who spoke on rule of law and enterprise building respectively.

The exciting business simulation, ‘Samriddh Company’ competition was won by partners Subash Pandey and Niraj Lacoul for the company Subash and Niraj Communication and Entertainment that aimed to promote internet cafes; a venture that has gained much scope in Nepalese market economics as well. They managed to beat all other teams to earn the highest profit and were jubilant about their victory.

“Before coming to Arthalaya I was completely pessimist and thought that I could not be able to do anything but now my mind have completely changed. I think I have new ideas, experience, and more knowledge which will probably help me out. It has made me confident enough to start up a new business with new ideas.”
Sancheeta Neupane

“Samriddhi is the school of developing outstanding entrepreneurs who would be the business icons in their field.”
Sundar Bhandari

“Being a sociology student, economics wasn’t my cup of tea. However through Arthalaya I got to know about management skills, which is not only useful for economics students, but also for sociology student like me. The guest lectures were very informative. However I felt that some lectures weren’t useful for me. Overall it was a new experience and I definitely got to learn many new things.”
Abhijit Sharma